Saturday, 9 May 2020

Handling Tools for Drilling

Spinning Chain

A relatively short length of chain attached to the tong pull chain on the manual tongs used to
make up drill pipe. The spinning chain is attached to the pull chain so that a crew member can
wrap  the  spinning  chain  several  times  around  the  tool  joint  box  of  a  joint  of  drill  pipe
suspended in the rotary table. After crew members stab the pin of another tool joint into the
box  end,  one  of  them  then  grasps  the  end  of  the  spinning  chain  and  with  a  rapid  upward
motion of the wrist "throws the spinning chain"—that is, causes it to unwrap from the box and
coil  upward  onto  the  body  of  the  joint  stabbed  into  the  box.  The  driller  then  actuates  the
makeup cathead to pull the chain off of the pipe body, which causes the pipe to spin and thus
the pin threads to spin into the box.
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The  large  wrenches  used  for  turning  when  making  up  or  breaking  out  drill  pipe,  casing,
tubing, or other pipe; variously called casing tongs, rotary tongs, and so forth according to the
specific use. Power tongs are pneumatically or hydraulically operated tools that spin the pipe
up and, in some instances, apply the final makeup torque
Weight Indicator

A device for measuring the weight of the drill string. Monthly calibration to calculated drill
string weight is required by API.


A clamp placed tightly around a drill collar that is suspended in the rotary table by drill collar


A device normally mounted near the monkey board to afford the derrickhand a means of quick
exit to the surface in case of emergency. It is usually affixed to a wireline, one end of which is
attached to the derrick or mast and the other end to the surface. To exit by the safety slide, the
derrick hand grasps a handle on it and rides it down to the ground. Also called a Geronimo.
Mouse hole : shallow bores under the rig floor, usually lined with pipe, in which joints of drill
pipe are temporarily suspended for later connection to the drill string.


n: air-powered or hydraulically powered wrench used to spin drill pipe in making or
breaking connections.

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