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The differance between Differential sticking and Mechanical stucking

 The difference between mechanical stuck and differential stuck

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 Differential sticking mostly has to do with mud cake. The formation that is permeable has a bunch of built up cuttings and they are getting you stuck. If that is the suspected cause I have found slowing down pump rates gets you out of it best. Mechanical stuck means anything like a tight hole that BHA or something is stuck in. This could also be key seats, cutting beds in lateral, high dog legs with stiff assemblies and stuff like that
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Loss of circulation will cause differential sticking. Differential sticking happens because the hydro static pressure is greater than the formation pressure, this is why you must always keep the pipe moving when your BHA is in formations known to have problems with loss of circulation
The differance between Differential sticking and Mechanical stucking
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Differentially stuck can be caused by an overbalance and a filter cake that is in the process of becoming one causing a suction against the well-bore and also too much filter cake may also cause the string to become deferentially stuck. Mechanically stuck can be caused by many other hole problems: unconsolidated formations, junk in the hole, ledges, doglegs and so on. Hope this helps

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Differential stuck is caused by the difference of mud column pressure and formation pore pressure. It is similar to when you cover a drain with your hand and feel it being sucked. this kind of stuck easily identified by the stacked pipes (no rotation, no reciprocation) and no restriction on circulation. When this stuck happens, then mud cake and pipe diameter will make it worse. The only way to fix it is by lowering mud weight and/or spotting free pipe agent pill

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Differential stuck is worse usually, especially in high-pressure areas where you can't lower the mud weight

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Mechanical stuck: due to formation collapse and mud circulation
. mostly no return

Differential stuck due to overbalance and mud cake so one side of drill pipe stuck to formation, however, mud circulation still have return

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Mechanical stuck refers to being stuck by things such as key seats, unclean hole, or falling information. Hydro static sticking happens when there is an under balanced formation that begins taking drilling fluids. The fluid rushing into the formation can such your drill string up against it. For example, fill a tub of water. Remove the drain plug and the place your hand over the hole. Notice how your hand becomes stuck to the drain. That is hydro static sticking

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Deferentially Stuck is due to a pressure differential between mud and formation. Mechanical is everything else basically

And I see

Differential sticking occur during drilling when the hydro static pressure is greater than the formation pressure which causes pushing a drill string into a filter cake of permeable formation

when the Differential sticking occur moving the pipe string
in the downward or upward direction is impossible
but free circulation is easily established
Mechanical sticking there is no circulation and rotation