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Drilling Equipment

Drilling interview Questions
petroleum 06 April 2021
  Sometimes we need a lot of interview questions to be always ready for the interview:   This exam was in one of the personal interviews ...
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IWCF Preparation Course Principles and Procedures From A TO Z
petroleum 18 February 2021
Book Name : IWCF preparation course Principles and procedures. Language : English. Size : 15.9 MB. Number of pages : 160 Pages. Price :...
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 The Effect of Weighting Materials on Cement
petroleum 04 January 2021
Attapulgite Attapulgite  belongs  to  a  quite  different  family  of  the  clay  minerals  Attapulgite-based  muds have excellent ...
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petroleum 09 May 2020
Blowout preventers (BOPs) Blowout preventers (BOPs), in conjunction with other equipment and techniques, are used to close the well in...
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Introduction to Drilling Bits ROLLER CONE BITS
petroleum 07 May 2020
DRILLING BITS: ROLLER CONE BITS: As the name implies, roller cone bits are made up of (usually) three equal-sized cones and three id...
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Drilling Rig Rotary Table Sizes
petroleum 05 May 2020
Land drilling rigs can be classified according to the drilling depth into different sizes Light duty rigs: drill holes from about (3000...
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Machining, Rotary Drilling Methods
petroleum 05 May 2020
CABLE TOOL METHOD Cable tool method has its beginnings 4000 years ago in China. it was the earliest drilling method and  has  been ...
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